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About India

India is a land of diverse cultures, religions, languagesand traditions.People from different community live together and make this nation an incredible one. Due to its vast and magnificent history, many historic monuments and forts are here in this country. Along with that, many modern structures also here to please you. If it comes to physical circumstances, almost every state’s climate is different from others and due to diversity in their nature; some states have large sprawling green field while some have mountains, rivers, lakes, ponds and other natural attractions. While a few states that are located at seashore have long coconut trees along with the sea shore. Being a religious hub, this nation has many sacred temples, gurudwaras, church and mosques as well. You can’t get to witness such kind of diversity in a single nation. All these things offer a great tourist opportunity for witnessing and understanding different religions and their followers. In fact, India offers a numerous possibilities to explore the places of your interest and choice; from a plethora of attractions.

India accounts for the most part of the Indian subcontinent that is lying atop the Indian tectonic plate- an Indo-Australian Plate part. The original part of Indian Plate emerges as the peninsula India, the stable part of India. Its coastline measures 7517 kilometers in length and 5423 kilometers in distance belongs to peninsular India and 2094 kilometers to the Andaman, Nicobar and Lakshadweep Islands chains. As per the Indian naval hydrographic charts, the main coastline of India consists 46% mudflats, 43% sandy beaches and 11% rocky shores. And the climate of India is strongly influenced by the Himalayas and the Thar Desert, they are responsible for the summer and winter monsoons. India is also called megadiverse country, it is a term that is used for 17 countries which show quirky biological diversity also contain many species such as mammals, reptiles, birds, crocodiles, fish and flowers and plants, etc. India has a thick forest area that is responsible for balancing the atmosphere as well as climate of India. Along with that, many sacred rivers also origins from Himalaya and fall into the Bay of Bengal eventually.

Having such a vast variety in almost all the aspects, India has different attractions that are well enough to blow your mind. Where the sacred temples will give a strong vibes of spirituality and take you away from work and relationship stress and give you feeling of self-vastness; on the other hand,the coastal areas will refresh your mind you andthe greeneryof the eastern states will give your eyes a pleasing view.

So, take a refreshing break in your life for an even more energized acceleration aspects related to the life and witness the incredibility and vastness of India.

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