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Terms & condition

Application Agreement

The agreement between Orient Vacations and its customers uncovers the terms of conditions of the agency as well as other associated companies to offer its services to the people who are looking or inquiring for the services offered by Orient Vacations. This user agreement covers the entire channels through which the company is providing or promoting its services. In this both; the user, as well as Orient Vacations, are referred as individual parties to the agreement and together they will be referred as 'parties'.

User's Responsibility

The user of Orient Vacations is expected to read, understand, express and accept almost every terms and condition of the agreement which will reflect the provision of the services offered by Orient Vacations. The rights and liabilities related to the services shall be restricted as per the agreement.

Orient Vacations holds and reserves the entire rights; be it of its discretion, to restrain or terminating the access to any or all the web pages or the entire website without any prior notice for maintenance, redesigning or any reason whatsoever.

Moreover, there are several other terms of service that are specific and related to the services/products offered by Orient Vacations such as travel tickets (bus, rail or air tickets), MICE and holiday packages, etc. Such kind of terms related to the services will be proffered/updated by the company shall be deemed as a part of the agreement. In case of any conflict between the terms of service and agreement, the terms of the agreement will prevail. So, the user of the services is required to read and accept the related terms of service (TOS) that he is willing to avail of.

Apart from these, the service provider may proffer his terms and conditions governing some specific features or area of operation that reflects the working methodology, rules, and policies applicable at the sub-services especially hotel reservations, flights, travel packages, etc. The user shall also accept those terms and guidelines, working rule and other policies related to the services. In other words, the user needs to comply with the terms and conditions of the service providers with whom he chooses to deal with.

In order to clear any kind of doubt, the user should read, discuss and understand the entire terms and conditions of Orient Vacations and service providers offering other related necessary services. If the user does not accept any terms, conditions or notices, he won't be liable for availing the services of Orient Vacations.

Account Information of Third Party/Parties

By accessing the account/profile in Orient Vacations websites, the user allows the agency (Orient Vacations) as well as its agents and associates to access the third party sites that also include banks and payment gateways used by him or on his behalf for acquiring/retrieving the requisite information.

During registering with Orient Vacations, the user needs to set a password for his account with the company for adhering to the confidentiality policy of the company. You are advised to now share your login detail with any known or unknown person and the user will be completely responsible for the activities occurring on his account. If he notices any kind of unauthorized activity on his account, he should immediately inform Orient Vacation in writing immediately. Orient Vacations will not be responsible for any loss occurred by the user as a consequence of unauthorized and invalid use of his account; either knowingly or unknowingly. Besides, a user is not allowed to use any other user's account.


Orient Vacations reserves all the right to the price of the packages listed on the website as well as transaction fees or details. Furthermore, Orient Vacations reserves the right to change or update the price of the packages from time to time without any prior notice. The user will be completely responsible for the entire charges and payment of the package he is willing to avail of

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