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Cancellation Policy

In the case of cancellation of your tour, travel services due to any unavoidable causes, you will have to acknowledge us in writing almost a couple of weeks before your confirmed travel date. The cancellation charges will be effective from the date, the company receives the written cancellation policy with proper details.

You will get a refund based on the following conditions and rates.

  • l60 days before arrival- 10% of the service cost (as per your package)
  • l45 days before arrival- 20% of the selected service cost
  • l15 days before your arrival- 25% of the selected service cost
  • l07 days or a week before arrival- 50% of the selected service cost

In the case of cancellation of your tour with us, the refund policy will differ as per the cancellation and refund policy of the hotel, train or air ticket cancellation refund policy and such kind of other conditions

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