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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy covers the practices for keeping your Personal Information secure by Orient Vacations.

Privacy Policy is applicable to all those people who take any services from Orient Vacations through any medium; be it website, social media, mobile app and offline mediums such as call centers and offices. So, If you take service from Orient Vacations, you need to agree with the privacy policy as well as other terms and conditions of the company.

Taking our services

If you are about to take our services, you must proffer us some basic personal information such as Name, Credit Card Number and Expiry Date, Credit Card billing address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. Moreover, you have to provide the same details except for a few ones of the people who are to travel with you. We need this information on a prior basis so that our team can process further. When you provide the information; our team processes and confirms your booking and also keeps you informed about your transaction status. In case, you are going to make a reservation for one or more people with you then you must confirm that they are agreed to our privacy policy and also agree to provide their personal (above-mentioned) information to us.

Registering yourself as a Member

When you contact us through our website, you must provide your basic information as mentioned above. This information is filled in the registration form column for several reasons. If you are registered with us, you undergo the below-mentioned process:

  • Taking your personal information
  • Completing and confirming your air, hotel and other reservations
  • Your allowance to contact you for regarding your services
  • Providing you the regular status of your travel

When you become our member, you may receive occasionally the updates and information related to our services, special offers, etc. and you can opt them out any time if you don't want to receive them.

Special Offers and Draws

Orient Vacations facilitates the opportunity for website members with draws and promotions. The information required for such kind of activities may include contact information and an online survey. We keep the right reserved to notify winners and survey information displayed/given on/through the website.

Facility of Logging of Session Data Automatically

The session data such as Operating system, IP address, and the software you used for performing activities on our website; our website enables you to automatically log off your session data. In other words, whenever you visit our website and perform some activities but forget to log off then you don't need to worry because we'll do the task for you. Our website facilitates you with the automatic logging of your session so that to keep your information private and even the internet provider can't access the information.


In our cookies section, none of your personal information (name, age, address, etc.) is stored or collected and none of this information can be passed to any third party. Cookies enable us to facilitate you with a better user experience whenever you visit our website. If you are asked to allow or accept cookies on our website, you can allow it without any hesitation.

Personal Information Security Assurance

When you book travel services at Orient Vacations, we require certain personal information so that we can confirm your travel booking, hotel stay booking and so on. Being a good follower of work ethics, we take into consideration several measures to keep your personal information secure. If you are leveraging our services, we assure you that we never pass on your personal information to any third parties without your permission. Your personal information is accessible only by our employees who need them for delivering you the said services.

Flexibility of Amendment in Personal Details

In case, a customer has provided us the details but want to make some amendment in the given details, we proffer them the flexibility so that they can easily update their latest detail.

Amendment in Company’s Privacy Policy

Whenever Orient Vacations updates its privacy policies or other policies, the company will inform through its home page of the website so that the customers don't need to hustle for getting aware of the current policy of the company. Here at Orient Vacations, we aim to provide our customers with ease to take our services; in the same phase, we try to keep everything clear and simple. Transparency between a customer and a service provider is the utmost thing that creates a trusted relationship.

Allowance to Personal and Non-Commercial Use

The website or web pages tend to use only for personal and non-commercial use. Any individual or agency doesn't have any right to release, copy, disclose, sell or transfer, etc. displayed on the website without taking any written no objection certification. For leveraging our services, you must read and accept our privacy policy for better service experience.

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