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India Tours

Experience the land of diverse cultures and natural wonders!

In India, ‘Atithi Devo Bhavah’ is a tradition that has been followed for thousands of years ago. This is a Sanskrit Sentence that means ‘Guest is Like a God’ and considering this, we Indians treat them in the manner so that they feel privileged and highly happy. You would be highly glad as well as amazed by seeing the warm hospitality that you haven't witness in any corner of the world. If you are willing to enjoy a plethora of mix cultures, spirituality, beauty, royalty, and naturality then you must visit India at least once.

Here you will get to explore several attractions such as mountains covered with snow, incredible wildlife, royal forts and palaces, different sculptures, modernization of the cities to that of the naturality and purity of villages; all in a single nation that is India. In other words, there are a lot of things when you witness all these, you will love the variety of India; this is why India is world-known for its diversity in unity characteristic.

Explore the vastness of India with 'Orient Vacations'. We are committed to proffer you the best travel as well as other complementary experiences like stay and food. Having association with different reputed hotels in different parts of India, we are capable of providing you the most amazing travel, stay and food experience. The best part of Orient Vacations is that we offer you flexibility and customization on our tour packages and we are flexible enough to personalize them as per your current demand and budget. That’s why our each holiday package is designed by considering the need and location preferences of the clients.

We also provide you the opportunity to experience the royalty and heritage of India that reflects in the trains 'Palaces on Wheels', 'Maharaja Express' and 'Deccan Odyssey'; you will experience a tour in a royal palace on the wheels. With royal services, you will feel as a king or queen of an empire. These trains offer have unmatched and unbeatable amenities and services. Orient Vacations is the one-stop solution that proffers you all the services required throughout your India visit. All you have to do is just contact us and tell us your taste!


Plan Your


Apart from the location, people also desire to get some specific experience through their tour. In the same phase, we have a broad variety of famous tour crafted for catering to the specific requirement of the customers. Our famous tour encompasses Aarti on the Ganges, Yoga & Meditation, Jeep Safari, Beach Tour, Heritage Tour, House boats, Sand Dunes, Prilgimage tour, etc.

These parts of the tour is developed for people considering their tastes. So, if you are a beach lover or like to explore monuments, spending some time on water, sand dunes or want to active your spiritual-self by performing some yoga & medication and visiting Pilgrimages then Orient Vacations has the best options for you in the form of Famous Tour. As per your taste or interest, just tellus your specific demand and we’ll try to fulfil in the most efficient manner.

Packages at Lowest Price

International Holidays Packages

In this world, there are many stunning and amazing places to explore that we only think to explore but never get that time to do so. Considering this into account, Orient Vacations has been engaged in bridging that gap between you and your dream destination that you wish to explore.

We uncover the part of the destination that you have never thought of. In other words, we provide you not only the best return on investment with us but also try to deliver you more than that. From beautiful and modern Singapore to Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal to Thailand, Dubai, and Bali, etc.

We are providing you the opportunity to visit the major attractions of these nations along with them that has been untouched as well. Moreover, which location you choose, we arrange all the amenities and facilities needed throughout your tour. So, at Orient Vacations, you get end-to-end tour solution so that you can explore your dream location of the world. The tour will help you to get aware of the cultures and traditions of the place where you go. In a nutshell, if we say, tour with Orient Vacations will give you a lifetime experience that you won't forget throughout your life. This is the reason, most of our clients take repetitive services from us because they understand our way of processing and what we offer to them in our international tour packages.

So, explore different beautiful attractions and wonders of the world with Orient Vacations for a pleasurable and memorable experience.

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Tour Reviews

Annie Schwarzenegger

I was very confused that which travel agency to choose for purchasing an international tour then one of my friends recommended me Orient Vacations. And I am so thankful to him that he helped in getting the best tour in my pocket-friendly budget.

Shubh Chauhan

Orient Vacations offered me the tour that I was desired for and that in my budget as well. While other travel companies have higher rates with limited services. Orient provided the best tour suitable for my entire family.

Vinni Arora

Orient Vacations offered me the best customized tour and travel as per my needs.

Preeti kansal

Taking a tour package was one of the best decisions, I have even taken in my life. From Orient Vacations, I got the best return on investment in the form of a life-long memories of a splendid tour.

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